Monday, December 27, 2010


Finally finished what was supposed to be a mother's day gift in 2008. (see older post about pending work here) Needless to say it swallowed many hours. Pen and ink, scanned in sections, realigned the scans, used channels to isolate sections and color in certain layers. Also made some major structural changes, such as the flames in the background, by mirroring one side and cloning it....I even made her taller by warping a lower section of her in Photoshop. 17 layers, 25 channels. Guh. But it turned out nice, Kinko's (Fed Ex, ahem) did a decent job printing, however late.

Poor angel remained crushed underfoot. I can't even remember why I was mad at him to begin with. 

Like I wrote on the back, "Happy every day Ma!"

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