Monday, April 19, 2010


Satisfied a powerful lust for a Zip-Zinger. A friend (thanks Jesse), knowing how broke I tend to be, suggested I make the deck myself. It worked out really well, after 7 hours of labor. Used an old Flip deck I randomly won in an online trivia contest. The hardest part is definitely the drawing of the shape. Much props to the board shapers out there.

Yes, a mess.

Stole some curve from the G&S my high school history teacher gave me. Mr. Smith is The Man.
I learned this fold-symmetry method from some footage of Rodney Mullen.
New wheelbase. I made the tail too small.
Getting a clean line was impossible for me.

The old man's orbital sander is apparently broke, so I had to sand it by hand. A good workout.

Indy 129's and Powell All Terrain, 80 du.

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Brian Henderson said...

Sick Cruiser Quinn! I love those Bones ATF wheels so good. Nice graphic too. :)