Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This thing is an absolute bitch to photograph. Walls on every side and glass covering. Electronics parts, xeroxed (use this word in  game of scrabble and you will win...) Jesus, glued watch parts, painted Nicho box. It was the funnest thing to build so far. I like working with little parts. I think I would make a good bomb disposal tech. Grandpa watchmaker and father surgeon. I believe habit influences DNA. Or it could be as simple as traits passed on from the weathered technical aptitudes of men of craft trade? Whatever the case, I enjoy taking things apart and putting things together. Too bad my fingers are so big.

I like the cross made of electronic paneling. I plan to recreate this concept again. 

In the future, we will be crucified via neurologically uploaded data. The materialization of Hell will be of mans device, and it will be virtual, and electronic. No fire or brimstone necessary. The next (form of) inquisition will be digital.

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